Diving In!

Here We Are Now!

Today I launch my new website. The idea that the journey is the destination has resonated over years of swinging back and forth between lost and found, directed and wandering, trusting and questioning. The path that led me to relocate my family, dig in my heels, lay roots and open my new business, Creative Insights, in Bellingham, Washington, is a long story for another time. For now, I reflect on and feel grateful for all of the steps that have landed us at this moment: Here we are now! Ready to dive in. With the support of a wonderful business coach and web designer (lanelldike.com/consulting), I am thrilled to be officially launching my new business: Creative Insights. Thank you for showing up!

“Here We Are Now!” is something my almost eight year old son used to say when he was around three, every time we arrived somewhere. We could’ve traveled all the way across town (at the time, we lived in Vancouver, BC, and it took awhile to cross the whole city), or even just strolled down our street to his favorite playground for the third time that day. Each time we arrived, he would state this with pure enthusiasm and wonder. Presence and peace. These are the qualities I hope to bring to my work with each client who comes to share in Creative Insights. Here We Are Now! seems to carry the essence of this work — of showing up, being present, cherishing the journey, and living within community (Note: it’s here WE are, not here I am now). For me, coaching and facilitation provide rich opportunities to support individuals and groups to pause, reflect, dream, and move forward. We get to look at where you are, create goals around where you want to be, and figure out how to get there. Moment to moment, breath by breath, shape shifting and becoming whole. It is my hope to help people within a process and toward whatever personal or professional goals are inviting attention. There are always lots of little or big AHA moments along the way, opportunities to reflect and notice, practice and progress, and sometimes, to stop and appreciate the arrival at fresh moments, Creative Insights: Here We Are Now!

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