Fall 2017 Writing Workshops

I am excited to be offering three workshops as part of the Chuckanut Writers program’s Fall Term, through Village Books and Whatcom Community College. In September, we’ll be honoring National Honey Month! I didn’t even know such a thing existed, but once I learned about it, a natural theme for a course about sweet discoveries and simple prompts emerged. The course, “How Sweet It Is,” will be offered on September 24th. This class will offer the opportunity to dive into key ingredients for writing success. We will play with words and flavors as we generate new material, experience sensory writing, and discover the multiple possibilities that can stem from a simple prompt (like: Honey).

In October, in honor of the harvest, we will focus on reaping our stories and collecting observations about how we move through transitions, on the page and in our lives. “Harvesting Our Stories” will take place on October 15th. Autumn is the perfect time to generate new material and discover what’s ripe for the telling. In this workshop, we will explore our inner landscapes as we observe the world around us. We will create pieces about transitions–big and small–and share narratives stemming from the changes brewing inside us all.

The final course I’ll be offering for the Fall Term, “Writing the Body Whole,” is about our bodies as vessels for our collected stories and is set for November 5th. “Your body is the ground metaphor of your life, the expression of your existence…” Gabrielle Roth’s quote informs the framework of this course as we write “from the inside out, not the outside in.” Pens and journals are the only tools required to spelunk in your own crevices, as you discover what is calling to be written about.

These courses are for all levels of writers, are generative in nature, and will take place at WCC (Foundation Building 201C) from 10am-4pm with a one-hour lunch break. To register for any or all of these courses, please click on the link/s below:

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