Giving Thanks

There’s a song that touched me deeply when I first heard it (and still does) called Prayer 2000, by Eliza Gilkyson.

I hope you’ll take some moments to listen to the song. It inspired this post…

Thank you for the buckets of love and support over the years, dear friends and family.

Thank you for your pure encouragement, for sharing your expertise and invoking my passion, Lanell Dike. (

Thank you for the beautiful spot on logo, Enid Wilson. (

Thank you for the space to land and the room to fly, Shanti Center. (

Thank you for the use of your beautiful free photography, artists of Unsplash. (

Thank you for your trust in me, for saying yes to yourself, for being clients and being community.

Thank you Bellingham, for your welcoming motto, the gentle reminder to just BE!

Thank you, natural world, for carrying on as you do, in light of Everything.


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